History of Business directory or Yellow Pages, Starting of Yellow pages of

History of Business directory

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History of Business directory

or Yellow Pages, Starting of Yellow pages of

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Yellow Pages

The first ever business directory, the ‘Yellow Pages’ was published in 1877 by the Bell Telephone Company. The founders of the company believed that a reliable and accessible directory would create a more efficient society as people would be able to find someone with the service they needed for their particular need.

Over time, this idea of a easy to access directory has expanded into various directories all over the world.

The first ever business directory in India was released in 1928 and it is still going strong today.

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Yellow pages of India is a directory which was published by Yell Group in the year 1994. It was the first business directory in India and was published with the help of Vodafone, an Indian telecommunications company. The company is still present with its name and logo on all editions of Yellow Pages.

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The long-running story of the yellow pages

The long-running story of the yellow pages business started with a need to categorize information and connect consumers to businesses.




There is no definite date of when the first yellow pages was published. The earliest known business directory dates back to 1756 in Philadelphia and another was published in Dublin in 1790.


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